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We need legislative reform to protect medical decisions between patients and doctors

Put patients first

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) negotiate substantial discounts on medications, promising cost savings for patients. However, the current system falls short. Despite securing these discounts, patients are often left paying the full price at the pharmacy counter. This needs to change. Patients deserve to directly benefit from these negotiated savings and experience true affordability when filling their prescriptions.

Together, let’s ensure that patients are no longer burdened by the high costs of medications. It’s time to transform the system and make affordable healthcare a reality for everyone.

Join the Movement: Share Your Story
Your voice matters. We want to hear about your experiences navigating the challenges of accessing affordable medications.

Let Patients and Doctors Decide on Treatment

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have been restricting access to medications, putting their financial interests above the well-being of families and the clinicians who serve them. This harmful practice must come to an end. We firmly believe that the decision-making power should rest with patients and their trusted healthcare providers, not PBMs.

Empowering Patients and Clinicians
It’s time to empower patients and clinicians to make informed treatment decisions based on individual needs, medical expertise, and shared decision-making. By eliminating the interference of PBMs and their restrictive practices, we can ensure that patients receive the medications and treatments that align with their unique circumstances.

Join Us in Advocating for Change
Your support is crucial in driving meaningful reform. Together, we can raise awareness about the detrimental impact of non-medical switching and push for policies that prioritize patient-centered care.


Unaccountable industry middlemen are directing patients towards corporate healthcare providers and specialty pharmacies, disregarding the more affordable and effective care options available within the community. This practice not only drives up costs but also leads to suboptimal outcomes. It’s time to shift our support towards community clinicians, pharmacists, and employers.

Take Action: Be the Catalyst for Change
Your involvement is vital in driving this change. Join us in taking action to support community clinicians, pharmacists, and employers. Together, we can raise awareness, engage policymakers, and foster an environment that values community-based care.

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